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強い兄弟愛で結ばれること願い、2005年 デヴィ・スカルノ夫人により設立されました。
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Foundation and Ideology
Earth Aid Society







愛の手を 差し伸べることが


Ratna Sari
Dewi Soekarno


Earth Aid Society

31-1, Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0047, Japan

Tel. +81-3-3460-1000
Fax. +81-3-5465-0051

About NPO/NGO Earth Aid Society
Lady Dewi Soekarno established NPO Earth Aid Society in 2005, in the hope that people around the world will be united by strong brotherly love beyond religion, ethnicity, national borders, language and history.

Since then, as a non-profit organization, we have made donation of 120 tons of polished rice to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea through North Korea Red Cross Society, which was transported by Madame Dewi herself by train.

The rice was packaged in 50kg bags inscribed “Love, Dewi Soekarno”.

Further, she visited earthquake victims in Kashmir region to donate 2,556 blankets and 3,500 sets of clothing, through Pakistan Red Crescent Society.

Inside Japan, \300,000 was donated to ”Stork’s Cradle”, a baby hatch run by Jikei Hospital , and \300,000 to NPO Aiai.

Lady Dewi Soekarno has so far donated, from proceeds of charity events, \18,750,000 to Japanese Red Cross Society; \28,750,000 to NPO/NGO Association for Aid and Relief, Japan; \11,960,000 to the Order of Malta, Permanent Observer of the United Nations.

Personally, she has donated $100,000(\11,000,000)to U.N.E.P.(United Nations Environment Programme) and \1,000,000 to Special Olympics World Games in Japan(Nagano).

Lady Dewi is especially devoted to offering a loving hand to refugees around the world, falling victim to politics, victims of natural disasters, global environmental destruction, and the underprivileged.
During the 10 years she stayed in New York, she worked diligently, as the special advisor to U.N.E.P.(United Nations Environment Programme), in preservation of disappearing ecosystem, rainforest conservation, protection of way of life and rights of indigenous people, protection and promotion of social environment.
Lady Dewi Soekarno has donated us $100,000,− to U.N.E.P. on 1993.

Also on the cultural aspect, she serves as the chairperson of a non-profit U.S. corporation, IBLA Foundation, and, as one of the founders, makes diligent effort to train opera singers, concert pianists and others.

Activities of Earth Aid Society - October 2005, Pyongyang
October 2005, Earth Aid Society donated 120 tons of polished rice to Red Cross Society of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“Love, Dewi Soekarno”

Lady Dewi personally met with Mr. Kang, the vice chairman of the National Assembly, to hand over the rice.

Pakistan/Kashmir Earthquake Affected Area Visit December 2005 to January 2006
From the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2006, Lady Dewi visited Pakistan to make contribution of 2,556 blankets and 3,500 sets of clothing to the people in Kashmir earthquake stricken area.

The Kashmir Earthquake was a major earthquake, measuring magnitude 7.6, that struck Northern Pakistan and Kashmir early October of 2005. The death toll in this calamity rose to around 80,000, houses of the poor demolished.

Lady Dewi herself visited the victims’ camp to hand out blankets to the victims.

The IBLA International Foundation
U.S. Organization IBLA Foundation

IBLA Foundation hosts competitions every summer in Ragusa Ibla, an ancient city of the Roman Empire on Sicily in which over 200 opera singers, concert pianist and others from all over the world participate. The winners of competitions are awarded Ibla Grand Prize along with concerts in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and others where they are introduced to the world, and further trained for a year.

Lady Dewi Soekarno serves as the chairperson of this organization.

The founder, Prof. Salvatore Moltisanti, alumni of University of Bologna, Italy, serves as the chairman of European Piano Teachers Association, the chairman of Sicilian Academy, the chairman of European Competition for Composers, and the chairman of Bellini Vocal Competition.

IBLA Foundation

NPO Aiai
NPO Aiai is a group of people of all age, gender and nationalities with or without disabilities participating in creative activities, products of which are used to help self-support of people with disabilities.

Stork’s Cradle
Stork’s Cradle is a baby hatch run by Seiryukai Jikei Hospital Medical Corporation.

A baby hatch (Baby Post) is a container where parents, unable to bring up their new-born baby due to various circumstances, give up their baby for adoption anonymously. The system is known as Baby Post, or Akachan-posuto.

In 2000, the first baby hatch “Baby-Klappe” was set up in Germany. This is said to have been prompted by the fact that half of the numerous abandoned babies were found frozen to death.

Jikei Hospital started the planning of installation in 2006, and the system started running on 10 May 2007. The newspapers now run articles every time a baby is left in the baby post.

In response to the donations received from a number of people since the start of the system, the Stork’s Cradle Fund was set up.

Earth Aid Society has also made donations in sympathy to the effort of Stork’s Cradle.

Pictures of Lady Dewi drawn by artists of Aiai

The Grand Imperial Charity Banquet 2008

The Grand Imperial Charity Banquet 2008 was held on Saturday, 20 September, at Meguro Gajoen.

The annual charity sponsored by N.P.O Earth Aid Society is held for ‘Japanese Red Cross Society’ and ‘Association for Aid and Relief'’, for the 11th time this year.

So far, donations have been made to the following organizations:
■\15,750,000 to Japanese Red Cross Society.
■\24,750,000 to Association for Aid and Relief.
■\11,960,000 to the Order of Malta.
■120 tons of polished rice to North Korea Red Cross Society.
■2,556 blankets and 3,500 sets of clothing to Pakistan Red Crescent Society

■\1000,000 to Special Olympics(Personally by Madame Dewi).
■ 5 wheel chairs to Aichi Prefectural Colony.
■ \270,000 to NPO Aiai( Personally by Madame Dewi).
■\300,000 to Stork’s Cradle(Personally by Madame Dewi)

■$100,000 to UNEP(Personally by Madame Dewi)
Supported by Garuda Indonesia Airline, Suntory Limited, and Sakai Trading

Bulgarian Ambassador and former U.N. Ambassador and his wife
Owing to your great support, this year saw another splendid banquet.
Tunisian Ambassador and his wife
H.E. Haron Amin
(Ambassador of  Afghanistan)
Toast by H.E. Acad. Blagovst Sendv
(Ambassador of  Bulgaria)
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